I’m so excited to announce that I’ve just developed a Spiritual Awakening training for clients!!
We will be meeting every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

In this group we will be practicing the skills you’ve learned in your energy healing sessions with me at Somadi- but taking them to the next level in a group field.
Each evening will have a specific theme including:

-Grounding, Centering & Clearing
-Awakening the Light Body
-Dissolving Control Grids & Unbinding Free Energy
-How to Transform Stuck Emotions
-The Essential Self
-Energetic Boundaries and Protection
-Awakening from the Dream of Suffering
-Activating your True Voice
-Connecting to your Guides
-Transforming Core Beliefs
-The 7 Chakras
-Shamanic Journeying

See the event page here: