I’m so excited to be offering this good work!!
In this group we will be practicing the skills you’ve learned in your energy healing sessions with me at Somadi- but taking them to the next level in a group field. This is a spiritual awakening program.
Each evening will have a specific theme including:

-Grounding, Centering & Clearing
-Awakening the Light Body
-Dissolving Control Grids & Unbinding Free Energy
-How to Transform Stuck Emotions
-The Essential Self
-Energetic Boundaries and Protection
-Awakening from the Dream of Suffering
-Activating your True Voice
-Connecting to your Guides
-Transforming Core Beliefs
-The 7 Chakras
-Shamanic Journeying

Drop-ins welcome (for now)
1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7-8:30 (except for May 3rd- we will be meeting on Wed the 2nd instead)
Suggested donation of $10- $20
I’ll be able to accept PayPal
Cash, or check- just not credit cards.

The location of the event is at the Sanitas House, a private residence.
12 Boulder View lane, 80304.
Parking is on the street, not the driveway. Please bring a meditation cushion if you have one and a pen and notebook:)
See the event page here: