I'm excited to announce that Daniel Stone, a shaman who has studies with indigenous tribes all over the world will be here from Mexico to share his teachings August 18-20 !!

Come explore through shamanic traditions how to connect to the open-hearted center of the Earth which holds the key to our crystalline intelligence.

Our crystalline intelligence is encoded in our DNA. It allows us to experience the link between the earth, planetary, stellar and other conscious energies. It will open us to the context of the individual, the group, the earth, and in particular Ireland in the universal dance in this time and this space.

It is the intent of this circle to feel the open heart of the planet Earth. Touching the heart center of the planet will rekindle in our own memory of the SACRED CONTRACT we have with the Earth and with the universe. The Sacred Contract makes complete sense of the human role and place in the universal dance.

Allowing our dreaming bodies to rest in our crystalline inheritance gives that feeling of home and deep inner knowing. The healing of this experience is through the letting go of the memories which have prevented our heart expansion to this level of trust. It is possible for the human to love unconditionally, and to be loved unconditionally. This is our birth rite.

In this circle meditation, visualization, movement and sound projection practices are given to develop more profoundly, the relation with the 'The Dreaming Body'. The Dreaming Body is the means through which the human intelligence extends itself from the physical body to 'touch' other intelligences – the elements, trees, rocks, animals, the human animal, and the planetary intelligence. Specifically, the dreaming body is guided and directed to extend into the crystalline center of the planet. It is here that we connect with our crystalline intelligence – the inner crystal skull.

The traditions and shamanic roots of this important ceremony will be explained, together with its relevance for individual, earth and universal healing. Further to this event, if you choose to, there is an ongoing circle that meets at new moon each month, and connect via an internet group site. This circle consists of groups and individuals in different countries, linking the languages of their part of the Earth body.

This event can be taken as part of the Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training program with Daniel Stone.



• Opening of the Mayan medicine wheel.

• Cleansing preparation of the dreaming body through sound healing ceremony (channeled voice, flute, drum, bells.)

• Subtle movement – the physical body and the dreaming body.

• Meditations and practices to open the physical body to safely receive and translate other vibrational frequencies – elements, trees, rocks, animals, humans, colors, planetary, stellar. Expanding the dreaming body.

• Seminar on the relation between this ceremony and sacred universal sexuality.

• Fire ceremony.



• Connection with our crystalline intelligence – the inner crystal skull.

• Ceremony of connection with the Sacred Contract.

• Earth heart and Human heart integration.

• Seminar on the shamanic roots and world history of this ceremony.

• Healing practices.



• Dreaming the future.

• Time travel.

• Alignment of human and planetary dream lines.

• Opening to the sensibility of Destiny.


Cost: $250-$500 sliding scale.

To learn a little bit more about Daniel Stone: