Who do you Serve?

I understand that this photo might look like a cheesy meme, but I’m so in love with and full of the Spirit of Source right now that I can’t stop singing, dancing, and wanting to express. For 2 weeks now, my life has been completely transformed and I am in so much bliss, joy and peace. I’ve waited my whole life to feel this. Here’s what changed: After a lifetime of doing endless trainings and healing sessions and never getting that far ahead, with constant struggle, I gave up. And I started offering my work to Source every day, all day long, and I love it. I have been in continuous bliss and connection to the (unnamable) Creator. I feel light, like I’m floating yet grounded. I feel protected, connected. I see things I could never see before and I feel so honored to be energetically serving Light and to be trained directly by Source all day long, every day (no book or dogma needed.) It’s so much better than another workshop! My work is flying much further, higher and more powerfully since I plugged my spirit into the Creator. I swear to you, miracles are waiting for all of us if we just say “Yes.”
If we are not in service to the Divine, we are working for our mind, our senses, and our “I.” As humans, it usually seems more appealing to serve ourselves, as though we could lose something or miss out on something if we give up our egos & agendas and let Source do its work through us, but I assure you, very, very, voraciously that all you have to lose is pain and all you have to gain is total bliss. I don’t know about you, but my “I” keeps me in the land of struggling & suffering. It can never get what it needs for long and can be full enough. It always needs more and what it needs never seems to end. More books, more workshops, more therapy, more healing, more fun, more stuff… and it never is satisfied for long until another arresting hunger arrives. This all changes for me when my “I” is plugged into Source, carried by the mothership. Instead of wandering around lost, looking for something in all the wrong places, I find Home in the energy that birthed me and everything feels light and illuminated. I feel love, I feel peace, bliss, joy, gratitude and… I still get to do things I like to do. Only now, it’s as a lit lamp instead of a house where no one’s home.
The “I” merged with Source is the place of “We,” of “One,” and it consists of Truth, Light, and our Divine Sacredness in union with God. It is what unites us and lifts us up, together.
I want to be quite clear that choosing Light to be our primary relationship and primary connecting point in life (above another person, your work, a passion.. etc.) is in no way martyrdom, self-sacrificing or bad boundaries. In my experience, choosing the Divine to be my primary connection for every moment, above relationships and work or other passions, has only made my experience of the things I love better. When I’m plugged into the divine, everything is aglow and illuminated. When I feel that divine connection, I don’t feel insecure and my relationships become lighter, easier and more open. I’m full and overflowing. When I’m doing my healing work, instead of trying to make sure I offer something amazing, I just let Source work through me and it’s so much more powerful. Spirit speaks in a vibration that is much louder, truer, more loving and more joyful than anything we could come up with on our own: When we plug into Source, we are lifted up and unified instead of being separate in our small or wounded selves. Then, through the energetic light matrix we get to enjoy our liberated mind & senses. We don’t have to abandon our “I” and we now get to choose what we want to experience through it and how. We get to live from joy and truly enjoy living instead of getting lost in negative spirals of the mind and senses. We know our true north.

It’s important to know that this is not a conceptual experience whatsoever- it is solely an experience of the Spirit. When we truly know how being united with the divine feels (blissful!), we can develop awareness of our karma and suffering and choose over and over again, to release it back to Source to be transmuted. When we know that we are the Children of the Divine, we feel a liberation and freedom words could never describe.

If you’d like, enjoy this song and tune into the place where nothing can be wrong, where we are loved and we are (and have always been) truly free:


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Written by Rebecca Mara
Rebecca Mara is an intuitive coach, energy healer, and somato-emotional bodyworker.