Healing the Root Chakra

Yesterday I channeled this meditation for clearing and activating the 2nd chakra and root. We store so much emotion in our hips and pelvis in relationship to trust, safety, wanting to be here, being in our power, healthy sexuality and relationships. You begin *not* by crossing your legs, but by putting your feet together in front of you. You can sit on a meditation cushion if that helps you. Let this area breathe and relax. We’re not over-stretching this area, but we are taking it to the edge of where it wants to contract but still has ability to open., both emotionally and physically. Your arms should be raised somewhat in a heart-opening posture of your choice. You are free to move or rock. I usually call on Spirit to assist me in with bringing more love/light than I’m used to in my womb and hips. Placing all of your awareness on any sensations and emotions that arise in the pelvis area, being toning (vowel sounds), creating a strong verbal vibration that makes an intimate and loving contact with your womb/root/pelvis. The vibration and sound is a way of meeting any unconscious parts that have been buried, for years or a lifetime with a loving contact. It will help these stuck emotions find light and movement again so that they can be healed. As you tone, make whatever sounds feel right for it to wake it up. We are bringing light and awareness to the most hidden corners. Notice where you don’t want to release control and tone to those edges, paying attention to what wound might lie behind any numbness or feeling of a need to control. It could be hurt, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, fear, etc. We are bringing love to those places. As you continue, keep toning until you feel quite blissful and joyful. Keep repeating this practice until you feel that the area is cleared of any numbness or defense, and when it feels like your pelvis is alive, clear, can breathe, and you can feel yourself inhabiting your home there fully and beautifully. When I first did this, I was completely unified with Source an in bliss for hours. I couldn’t wait to get back to this practice, it feels that good. 🙂
#sacralchakra #rootchakra #pelvicfloor
#sacralchakra #rootchakra #pelvicfloor

Why can’t I connect to God/Angels/Guides?

“Why can’t I connect to angels/God/guides?”
How many of us pray to, meditate on and try to connect to Higher Level beings but never really connect? Our prayer becomes more of an aspiration than a true connection. Here are a few suggestions on why:
1. You are trying to connect from your personality/mind/ego consciousness- your sense of “you” not your spirit and divine self. If we try to connect from our separated selves, we are creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. How can the one that’s separate from and grasping for God be close to God? The Divine within us and without wants us to meet it in its light, because we are loved by it and we are it’s love. If you connect to Source from your own beauty, love and light that connection floods right in. That’s the trick, you get close to God by being close to God. Meeting Spirit heart to heart, light to light, love to love. If you are convinced of your suffering and try to hand it to the divine, how could it possibly take it? You are not willing to let go of your suffering and separated self. And so that is how you shall meet it- wounded to ascended. Until you decide to offer the illusion of your “lesser-than”identity back to Source to transform it. Your suffering becomes a funny joke when you let it go. A “my bad!” We can laugh at our silliness, being so convinced of our illusions.
2. As within, so without. Your original wound in your upbringing and parenting are preventing you from knowing how to receive that level of love. For example: A woman I know was starting to awaken to the spirit world, but she couldn’t find protection. She kept getting “attacks” from different entities and thought forms and didn’t have control over whether an angel or a demon was talking to her. She saw healer after healer and no one could help her- but herself. In one shamanic journey, she was looking for a spirit helper to protect her in her journey and suddenly realized what prevented her from finding protection. She balled the deepest level of grief, remembering that, as a child she had no protection. She had no clue what it even FELT like, and so, it was no surprise that she couldn’t find that feeling of the spirit world either. This awareness was powerful. From then on, she was able to IMAGINE what it would feel like to be protected, healing that little child inside, and protection became easy.
The most common example is that most of us don’t know what divine, healthy love feels like. Imagining in our mind and soma what it would FEEL like to be loved by source can be the most powerful practice. By healing the wounding that’s shrouding our light in the reflection of a pure love, we expand our capacity to receive Light because we don’t have as many lower-vibrational emotions and thoughts in our field. We can transform them with love and become a channel for more of source.
3. You are in your own way. As yourself, “who’s doing the looking?”. The part of you trying to connect is more convinced of its struggle than it is of it’s ability to connect. If you believe you can’t find it, well, you won’t! When you are ready to let go of this consciousness you will surely be able to connect. When you are wiling to believe something true and divine, you will find it. The hard and fun part is that it will be VERY awkward to realize how wonderful and free and beautiful you are. Don’t worry, stay with the expansions and contraptions until you get to a place that really feels like Home:)
Source is there waiting for you to connect, but it will when you are finally ready to meet it, beyond your mind or ego, and from your spirit to it’s spirit. You are one, in the end.

Clearing Karma

How do you know when the karma is truly healed between yourself and another person? I’ve had 3 clients in the last 2 days say that they broke off contact with their mothers, yet I found their karma in full energetic war in their energy fields. Putting a blanket over it doesn’t mean it’s healed. Physical and verbal boundaries also don’t mean anything is healed, but creating them is an important step. Saying no doesn’t mean you are not still energetically vulnerable to, and engaging in a pattern. The true liberation is when there is no fear, no resistance, no push or pull, no unresolved wanting or need, no judgement, no closed heart. From your heart, you just drop the rope and all struggle or entanglement. You FULLY accept what was done to you without needed to blame or keep that person in a karmic hold until they pay for it. You remember that you don’t have to give your power away or resist or fear the other person. And the proof that it is over, healed, liberated is that you, energetically not mentally, have no charge around the issue. Instead there is there is contact, insight, okay-ness and softness in the heart for both involved. We offer our “rightness” and attachment to “how it is” back to Source with love & humility, realizing that not letting go will forever keep ourselves (and energetically the other) in bondage and further from Love. Let go, forgive our mutual humanness and vulnerability. See how we all are so fragile and so beautiful when we are loved. 😘


On the topic of Crucifixion and Resurrection: On the topic of Crucifixion and Resurrection: I’ve killed people and been killed. We all have. We’ve returned from the dead in our nervous systems and in our souls in joy and ecstasy too. We’ve saved people’s lives from the love in our hearts and been saved by the loving hand of another.
Most don’t remember, but some do. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, and I don’t suggest you do unless you experience it directly, the deeds of your ancestors still live on in your DNA, in your cellular memory, as proven by the science of epigenetics. On a momentary basis, we kill parts of our nervous system and bring them back to life. I see it every day. We choose not to feel and shut it down and we presence with what IS and allow feeling to return us to our aliveness. Our choice lies in how we react to our aliveness. But if you choose not to feel you will, for sure, suffer. And if we choose to only hang out in the light and close our eyes to the rest, we surely will leave parts of ourselves and our loved ones lost in the darkness. And if we can’t face our collective darkness we in no way will be able to see the light and bliss that lies beyond anything you can imagine. If we can’t hang with the intensity of life, we have to shut it down. But if we can, we get to feel way more alive. I’m glad to say I’m over the robotic, form-worshipping phase of my life.
Do you have any idea how many people cry in my arms every week? “I”m sorry,” they say. I say, “You’re beautiful. You’re not hiding and I see your light.” I can do it authentically because I can be with those parts of myself. And people that love me hold me. God holds me. And then miracles happen. And then beauty and grace beyond words arrives. Then the kind of freedom you can’t even dream of arrives! Pure light!
Yesterday I spoke in the language of light, filled with Spirit, exclaiming in the most immense joy, “We are FREE!!!”… tears of joy, surges of energy, limitless freedom and peace- the new norm. Every day for a month now I want to show people what’s possible.. share the bliss, the liberation. Suffering is not necessary. Remembering.. I’m grabbing hands to help wake others up with me. Weeks of bliss..union with the Source of all that Is. I can’t remember suffering or how I ever got seduced into it by my mind, by a forgetting of my esssence. BUT.. Yesterday I remembered killing (past life, 1912) many people, in war. It was complicated. I had a lot of power and control, which felt good, and things aren’t exactly cut-and-dry in a time of war. I sobbed when I remembered. I begged for forgiveness for the souls I harmed. It seemed like there hadn’t been much else I could do. I swore, when I remembered, through tears, that I would NEVER let another innocent soul be harmed. That I would do everything in my power to fight for the light, to make up for it. I planned for how to do this, not caring what anyone thought of me as long as I was fighting for love. Even if it meant me dying fighting for what’s right, I swore I’d do my best.
While I was at it, I released the memories of rape from my body, allowing my life force to re-enter. Of years wandering around unseen, unloved. Of giving myself away. My fist was clenched as I felt immense soul love for the boyfriend I wanted to protect from the priest that raped his young self repeatedly. I swore I would fight for his light. But I was limited..I couldn’t save him. I wasn’t strong enough, healed enough even though I wanted to be.
I melted it all with presence, finally meeting it. Not looking away, staying with a soft touch, gasping in agony and then relief, then peace. Softness. Being. Over and over again. I see everything. I am with it all. Grace and falling..
And then, ten minutes later, tears dried, I got a text and became angry with an ex who wouldn’t leave me alone. I wanted him gone from my life. It’s a day later, now. I woke up with a sinus infection on the right (masculine) side of my face and, no surprise, Louise Hay says that means irritation with one person, someone close to you. I may be a healer, but if I’d try to convince you that I’m not still human like you, I’d be doing all of us a disservice.
I sit. For hours. I feel it all. I listen to all of our little kids inside trying to defend. It moves through. The sinus infection disappears. I’m soft & open again, have felt all the feelings to the Other Side. Even the darkest emotions, when felt all the way through, bring us to the light. All that has happened, all I’ve done and all that’s been done to me- I hold it softly. I see it all, remembering what’s true. I see that we hold each other down when we want to control, when we feel like we can’t be with something. We belittle or look down on or close off from or try to tell someone how to be.
All of this harm is rooted in the mind. Never from the softness of Being. I see how we help each other up when we love and forgive. And we lose it when our mind fears we aren’t safe, and grabs for control. Oceans and oceans of depth and resource become lost. Float away. And we Bind. We Cling. We hold on.. and all energy stops moving. We freeze time and space. For moments or days.. or even lifetimes, sometimes. Decades. And then one day we get squeezed enough, pinched off enough to want our life force back. Then we have to unfreeze what we had quarantined. We have to Let Go. We have to let go of being bad, not good enough, a victim. And we have to let go of Other being bad, repulsive, a perpetrator.
These patterns, this karma, impinge on our free will. When we go unconscious, it’s because our systems don’t think they can handle what’s happening. In a scared nervous system, we lose our presence and our choice. We react. And no matter how much we want to control another’s influence over us, we can’t.. we will, as long as we live, be pushing on each other, back and forth, like molecules in steam, rapidly touching, shaping, bending, surrendering, pushing. But we can be with it all. Allow it. We have no other choice. We can isolate, but then we separate from and abandon the darkness. And then it takes control. We’ve given our power away by refusing right relationship. A refusal to care for.
Our governments have built walls around us to protect us from death, from loss, from control and have taken so much of our essence, our aliveness, our humanness, in the meantime. Our choice. But still, they cannot save us from loss, from suffering, from death. We are not being truly protected, whatsoever. Not as long as we are being tricked into believing in our powerlessness or mediocracy. I want my power back from the collective shadow and I’ve taken back my power to live with other (myself) knowing that we are divine beings and loved by an almighty loving god and a multitude of light beings that are here to help us and work through us and to help us Remember the Truth.
Ultimately, we cannot control another’s influence over us until we realize: that person, their attributes, their most pious angel and darkest demon, lives inside of us as well. If you deny that the light or shadow of another is not within you, well, i can assure you that you are only good at hiding it from yourself. You are not the Good Girl you hide behind and are not the Bad Boy you try to hide from us either. We all contain within us the seed of of the most awesome, holy, bursting-with-tears-of-joy kind of grace and beauty- and we all contain within us the darkest of shadows that when, tortured in a corner for long enough will lash out in revenge. It all arises with the ingredients, circumstances, and conditions we are given in any moment. Those assassinating dozens have not done so because they were given love and mirroring and tenderness. They were not seen in their Light or wholeness. And as they could not see their light, their darkness took over, until, maybe.. one day someone would love them. Or not. You have those parts in you. I do too. If all goodness was taken from you, you’d be surprised what you could do, who you could become. If someone tried to hurt your child, you would do anything you could to stop them. And so this is why, we must hold this part in all of us. What lies within “him” (other) also lies within you. And her light, the one you aspire to attain, the one you long to have for yourself.. it is within you. I’ve seen the most beautiful light, completely liberated, completely free and divine in so many people. Just hold it. Hold it all. We have to see all that is here within us and within the other, with the heart, not the mind, to understand. We’re just here… Let us Be. Together. Alive, wild, ridiculous, beautiful.
There is something peacefully sobering about looking at a world that is structured on control and separateness with completely kind contact, fullness of presence, divine mirroring for the parts that are confused. We become free. We are not scared of our shadows, or the shadows of others. We are spacious enough to hold all of humanity and all that we are as humans. I felt the part of me that was completely free and awake and with God for a month, I channeled angels for days and now.. I see that oh-so-avoidable darkness that also lies within. I have no choice but to hold them all, and know that they are all part of the divine. I know that it’s my job to love the darkest corners until they transform into Light. High priestess alchemy.
We are all One. We cannot try to separate and still feel whole. We cannot isolate what “he does, she does” from ourselves. All of this is arising to be held. And then.. it will not have to “react to.” Our duty is to protect ourselves and all of those around us by staying with, breathing with, knowing with. Whatever it is. We are not alone and we cannot allow others to be alone. I pray that we hold all that we are in soft and open presence, not afraid to touch parts of ourselves or another as though they were sacred. We are all in this together. If we’re not, none of us will win. We are not free until all of us are FREE. We can plug into Source, which holds our oneness in a matrix of truth. In this we are all held and uplifted. But if I separate from myself, I separate from you & from source. If i separate from you, I separate from myself and from God. And if I separate from God, I separate us both from our divinity, which is the greatest loss.. the loss of our goodness, our essence, our perfection, our preciousness, our oneness. So, I try not to hide from me or you anymore. There’s no power in that.
The last month I have felt more freedom, more bliss, than I’ve ever felt, with almost NO suffering. I let go of my negative stories, the attachments to wounds of my past- anything that wasn’t of Truth, moment-to-moment. I’m so happy because I’ve let Source move through me- I’ve given up my own agendas and let go. And the power and love and light coming through me is unrecognizable. I gave my life to Oneness. And I guess I still am, with a little wobble:) I’ve moved back to believing in my connection to God more than the voices of my suffering. I let go. And then I gain everything I’ve ever wanted that I didn’t know was possible.
I thank God for my lessons, for the opportunity to find Home again, in love.
This, below, is a picture of our original nervous system.
Perfect, like a true prayer. The breath of God breathes us all.