Month: April 2018

Healing the Root Chakra

Yesterday I channeled this meditation for clearing and activating the 2nd chakra and root. We store so much emotion in our hips and pelvis in relationship to trust, safety, wanting to be here, being i...Read More

Why can’t I connect to God/Angels/Guides?

“Why can’t I connect to angels/God/guides?” How many of us pray to, meditate on and try to connect to Higher Level beings but never really connect? Our prayer becomes more of an aspiration than a true...Read More

Clearing Karma

How do you know when the karma is truly healed between yourself and another person? I’ve had 3 clients in the last 2 days say that they broke off contact with their mothers, yet I found their karma in...Read More


On the topic of Crucifixion and Resurrection: On the topic of Crucifixion and Resurrection: I’ve killed people and been killed. We all have. We’ve returned from the dead in our nervous sys...Read More