Befriend the Light

When I talk about this today, I’m speaking about the spirit world more than our personal light and darkness. I’ve felt angels and sobbed in the beauty of it, I’ve felt tree spirits, animal spirits, Jesus, divine mothers and occasionally the deceased. I’ve also seen people possessed by demons and felt entities that have the intention to harm or keep people disempowered. Our relationships with the spirit world tend to reflect our inner worlds. For example, if we tend to feel unprotected or traumatized, we will attract those energies with other humans and spirits. If we tend to trust in love and goodness, we are usually accompanied by helpful spirits and friendships.

If we struggle with the darkness that influences humanity, we will always remain in a karmic battle with it. BUT! If we befriend the light in humanity as well as spirits such as angels, sweet and loving nature spirits, Jesus, the Divine Mother, Gaia, etc. there is a loving and sweet relationship that is cultivated that starts to become a part of you. A shaman I worked with, Rachel Weitz, taught us to sing and welcome helping spirits with joy and gratitude. Her relationship to the spirits was so strong, loving and trusting that it was truly beautiful. I have a friend Katherine, who has the biggest heart I know, who has the sweetest relationship with Jesus. She glows and it’s the richest, most fulfilling relationship for her. Her heart is so admirable. When I’ve felt the closest connection to spirit, it wasn’t because I was battling the darkness, it was because I was singing or dancing with joy in my heart, connecting to Spirit. That devotion and intimacy and tenderness awakens something so powerful in us that we don’t even have to think about the darkness- it’s just not attracted to us:) I find that it’s very important to understand and not look away from the darkness, as it is part of the All and all around us, but if we fight it, it wins by taking our time and attention. If we cultivate love and bring the light that we can to ourselves and the world, LOVE WINS. xo

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Written by Rebecca Mara
Rebecca Mara is an intuitive coach, energy healer, and somato-emotional bodyworker.