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MUST-DO Somadi Meditation!!

This meditation practice is one of the most powerful practices you can do as it incorporates a powerful balance using 2 alternating yin and yang practice. One increases your ability to alchemize and h...Read More

Befriend the Light

When I talk about this today, I’m speaking about the spirit world more than our personal light and darkness. I’ve felt angels and sobbed in the beauty of it, I’ve felt tree spirits, ...Read More

The Inner Child

A dear friend of mine wrote this gorgeous poem about recovering the precious inner child☺️ Serendipitously, last night my inner child played and sang last night for a while.. the sounds she made were ...Read More

My Lightworker’s Manifesto

The Lightworker’s Manifesto   With gratitude and reverence, we vow to serve God & the highest of light and love, above our individual wills.  We vow to love and seek the divine in ...Read More

How to Work with Anger

What do most people think is the worst, most shameful emotion in our culture? ANGER!! Most of us got the message from our Christian upbringings as well as a general cultural lack of understanding that...Read More