Why can’t I connect to God/Angels/Guides?

“Why can’t I connect to angels/God/guides?”
How many of us pray to, meditate on and try to connect to Higher Level beings but never really connect? Our prayer becomes more of an aspiration than a true connection. Here are a few suggestions on why:
1. You are trying to connect from your personality/mind/ego consciousness- your sense of “you” not your spirit and divine self. If we try to connect from our separated selves, we are creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. How can the one that’s separate from and grasping for God be close to God? The Divine within us and without wants us to meet it in its light, because we are loved by it and we are it’s love. If you connect to Source from your own beauty, love and light that connection floods right in. That’s the trick, you get close to God by being close to God. Meeting Spirit heart to heart, light to light, love to love. If you are convinced of your suffering and try to hand it to the divine, how could it possibly take it? You are not willing to let go of your suffering and separated self. And so that is how you shall meet it- wounded to ascended. Until you decide to offer the illusion of your “lesser-than”identity back to Source to transform it. Your suffering becomes a funny joke when you let it go. A “my bad!” We can laugh at our silliness, being so convinced of our illusions.
2. As within, so without. Your original wound in your upbringing and parenting are preventing you from knowing how to receive that level of love. For example: A woman I know was starting to awaken to the spirit world, but she couldn’t find protection. She kept getting “attacks” from different entities and thought forms and didn’t have control over whether an angel or a demon was talking to her. She saw healer after healer and no one could help her- but herself. In one shamanic journey, she was looking for a spirit helper to protect her in her journey and suddenly realized what prevented her from finding protection. She balled the deepest level of grief, remembering that, as a child she had no protection. She had no clue what it even FELT like, and so, it was no surprise that she couldn’t find that feeling of the spirit world either. This awareness was powerful. From then on, she was able to IMAGINE what it would feel like to be protected, healing that little child inside, and protection became easy.
The most common example is that most of us don’t know what divine, healthy love feels like. Imagining in our mind and soma what it would FEEL like to be loved by source can be the most powerful practice. By healing the wounding that’s shrouding our light in the reflection of a pure love, we expand our capacity to receive Light because we don’t have as many lower-vibrational emotions and thoughts in our field. We can transform them with love and become a channel for more of source.
3. You are in your own way. As yourself, “who’s doing the looking?”. The part of you trying to connect is more convinced of its struggle than it is of it’s ability to connect. If you believe you can’t find it, well, you won’t! When you are ready to let go of this consciousness you will surely be able to connect. When you are wiling to believe something true and divine, you will find it. The hard and fun part is that it will be VERY awkward to realize how wonderful and free and beautiful you are. Don’t worry, stay with the expansions and contraptions until you get to a place that really feels like Home:)
Source is there waiting for you to connect, but it will when you are finally ready to meet it, beyond your mind or ego, and from your spirit to it’s spirit. You are one, in the end.

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Written by Rebecca Mara
Rebecca Mara is an intuitive coach, energy healer, and somato-emotional bodyworker.