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Cleansing does not have to be deprivation or starvation.  It's also not just about releasing toxins from the body and shedding unwanted fat.  Proper cleansing is a great way to fuel your body with super foods and clean nutrition so it can learn how to function under optimal conditions, and ultimately align with yourself and re-establish that healthy connection with yourself so you can become in tune enough to make better choices-for life.  Proper cleansing is a great way to shift your metabolism away from relying on sugars and even proteins for energy to burning fats.  This is even true in slender folks who often look trim while the organ fat content is too high and the tendency toward blood sugar issues may still be present.  It is especially true in obesity.

Our bodies are constantly changing. We are under constant exposure to toxins, in our food, in our environment and in our homes. All these things increase the toxic load our bodies have to deal with. Cleanses create unique opportunities for our bodies to let go of toxins and super charge our metabolism, renew cells and have us feeling alive and full of energy. And one of the best side effects is, that we shed weight.

One of the challenges of cleansing has been the tendency of the body to gain more weight, more easily, following cleanses; along with a feeling of depletion. This is due to the cleanse causing the body to shift to using muscle for fuel when starved of calories.  After the cleanse, there is less muscle to burn fat causing the cravings for carbohydrates to increase and the body to store fuel as fat instead of burn it.  The loss of muscle causes more weakness and may even extend to loss of organ muscle.  The Purium Cleanse is quite the opposite. 

This is a guided 10-Day program that is based on whole foods, super foods, real foods that are 100% Organic, Non GMO Foods. A safe and effective detox should support your body naturally to reboot, recharge and unclog your organs.  One of the exciting results of the program is that it shifts your metabolism to prefer fat for energy usage during and after the cleanse while sparing muscle.  This cleanse can also be easily adapted for any athlete wanting to get chisled, while increasing performance during and after the cleanse.

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