Spiritual Coaching

I use mindfulness-based coaching, intuitive energy healing and empowerment techniques to assist you in turning whatever challenge you’re currently experiencing into the gift of greater love, clarity and empowerment.  I use my intuitive abilities to tune in to what emotions and beliefs are alive in the body and energy field beyond your current awareness and then to bring in what new experience your spirit is craving.  Most of my clients walk in feeling anxious or are struggling with something difficult and leave feeling cared for, empowered, clear, connected, whole and excited to integrate more of their experience.

What is a session like?  In most sessions we begin with some grounding meditations to help you feel the sweetness of connection to your highest self.  Behind the sheath of mental chatter is presence and connection- that’s what we’ll be using as a foundation for change.  Oftentimes, when we don’t feel as well as we’d like, it’s hard to remember who we are and to deeply appreciate our magnificence in the moment.  Because of this, I help you learn how to really resource and relax your nervous system, to feel a deep sense of care for yourself, and to tune in to a grounded sense of safety in your body. In time, you will learn to do this yourself with ease and to feel it strongly as a sensation in the body.  It’s important to really feel your radiance before we go into anything difficult- only from there can we create transformation.  As Albert Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”  In order to create real change in the body, mind and chakra systems together, we must access the highest vibrational consciousness available in order to transform negative beliefs and emotions. These uncomfortable feelings are here as amazing catalysts for your transformation, gateways back to your wholeness, are here to create enough discomfort for you to seek to empower yourself and discover more of the gift you are.  That’s exciting!    

Most daily problems stem, ultimately, from a belief we learned as children: that life is not safe, that we aren’t enough, or that there is no love in the places we need it.  It is my belief that these “wounds” are here by design solely for the purpose of healing and discovering the truth of who we really are- infinitely precious and able to manifest almost any of our dreams.  From a place of empowerment, I guide you into melting the negative belief and sensation in the body with the positive alternative, until real transformation occurs and you can see and feel your magnificence in a place where you used to see very little.  Because the brain takes time and practice to rewire, I teach you specific techniques for you to use at home to cultivate this new state all day long.  It is important that as we dive into the shadow, that we also begin to realize and identify with the undiscovered lightness and radiance in us as well.

The intuitive coaching that I do can be done either hands-on, on the table in combination with energy work, or seated.  It’s completely up to you how you’d like to tailor your experience.  Sometimes people prefer the element of touch, as it helps them feel nurtured and to access their emotions faster.  Some people may not prefer this because they tend to check out or daydream more when they are lying down.  Trust in your body’s wisdom around what feels right:)

These sessions are available online or in person. To schedule an online session, please text me at 720-503-9700.

In persons is $120-$160 for 90 min and online is 60 min for $100