My Team

Hello!! I'm excited to be offering a team of practitioners I work with! Because I tend to book in advance, I wanted to offer a few other practitioners and services so that you can try out a variety of services and possibly get a same-day session if you really need immediate care.  Please let them know I referred you, and please let me know about your session! I'm so excited to be working with a new team:)




Meet Sarah, Psychic Medium

p.s. my friends and i LOVED our sessions with her! 

Sarah is an intuitive, medium, therapist and an angel channel

who helps people find healing through her psychic gifts.


Drawing on her training as a mental health professional,

she creates uplifting experiences of clarity, insight, and emotional healing.

Nationally active, her aim is to help others heal their lives and reach their highest potential. 

You can reach wonderful Sarah here: