How Does Network Chiropractic Work Help Us Feel SO Good?

Transforming Our Life Experience
The Spinal Gateway, unique to Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care, helps the brain and body develop new strategies to self-assess and regulate its own tension, move from defense into peace, and more effectively adapt to stress and change.

In a body that is stuck in stress physiology and defense  posture, NSA chiropractic helps us to find the areas (Spinal Gateways) along the spine that are free, safe, and most important, possess available energy for healing and growth.

When an area of the spine is locked in defense, we feel tense and tight in this area. The energy is locked up and not available. It is invested in defending us from DANGER!

So…how does such a gentle touch facilitate such dynamic shifts in our health and wellness? By placing a gentle touch at the Spinal Gateway, for just a moment, the higher brain (Cerebral Cortex) is alerted to a place in the body that has been forgotten, and has a lot of free energy to share. As Dr. Epstein states, “It is then that the energy of our wounds may be transformed into gifts.”

In the wellness model, we recognize that areas of tension, especially those along the spine, hold great reservoirs of energy. Gateway contacts are precise “gateways” into these pools of energy, which, when free from spinal restriction, can assist in more deeper levels of integration and healing for the body/mind.

As we gently touch the Spinal Gateway the body drops its defenses and realizes we are safe. The areas in defense actually learn from the Spinal Gateway. Suddenly, we may take a deep breath or feel tension release from our shoulders or low back. We may feel tingly or electrical sensations. We may feel a desire to move or take a bi-i-i-i-g stretch. Vertebra of the spine begin to ENTRAIN, (move in synch), with one another, facilitating the development of the somato, (body) psychic, (mind) wave, creating improved flexibility, increased range of motion, self-correction of spinal distortion, and a new “spinal consciousness”.

It is proposed that the formation of the somatopsychic wave heightens the brain’s ability to auto-regulate the body’s systems, opening “gateways” to higher levels of development, and a deeper connection to the heart-the body’s instrument of greatest vibration.

In his groundbreaking book, “The Biology of Transcendence”, Joseph Chilton Pearce tells us:

“Heart and brain frequencies entraining with each other is critical to full development of human nature, as new paths of response to our world are opened, and higher states of consciousness accessed.”

Research continues as to the vital role the “growing” and expansion of spinal gateways may play in this critical life process, and the advancement of human potential.


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Written by Rebecca Mara
Rebecca Mara is an intuitive coach, energy healer, and somato-emotional bodyworker.