Sliding scale rates enable sessions to be a bit more affordable for all- with no tipping expected.  Pay what feels affordable to you.

  • 90 min Somato-Emotional Massage Session $130-150
  • 90 min Energy Healing/Intuitive Coaching Session $120-140
  • Skype or FaceTime sessions (click here)
  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage with Garshana $140/hr

Uncertain about what service to choose?
Here are some options:


Somadi offers a wide variety of massage services, including: Somato-Emotional Release Massage, Reiki, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Chakra Balancing,  and Ayurvedic Panchakarma Abhyanga Massage.  Oftentimes clients like to experience a combination of techniques in their sessions. In most bodywork sessions, I may lead you through meditations, breathwork, and tracking what mental or emotional tension, beliefs or nervous system patterning may be creating the tension in the body and mind.  Your level of engagement is optional depending on your needs- some days you will need to receive some deep nourishment in silence and other days you will want  someone to guide you in your dive into the root of the tension so that it can be transformed and you can feel more whole and empowered.  When booking a session, think about what you really need on all levels.  We can work together to tailor the experience to whatever you need.

Somato-Emotional Release Massage uses breath, touch and awareness to make contact with and clear emotional and energetic blockages in the body, leading to a sense of embodiment, empowerment and wholeness.  What I’ve found from working with so many people is that the body stores emotions and belief systems that, when out of alignment with our true nature, cut off the flow of energy and create either physical or emotional tension and pain.  Instinctive bracing, emotions and beliefs tend to be stored in specific parts of the body.  Somato-Emotional Release Massage allows us to breathe into and release the parts of ourselves that we’ve rejected, denied or disowned.   At the same time, we are working together to embody more of our true nature through a deep sense of connection, self-love and feelings of empowerment, safety and security.  The pressure applied is slow and deliberate so that you can breathe into and release the places in your body have been holding onto control, fear or tension.  The goal is to get energy to flow into those areas that have been guarded or restricting again so that you can feel aliveness and wholeness instead of blocking out sensation.

Chakra Balancing & Reiki: In chakra balancing & reiki, I scan the chakras to see which chakras are blocked and I open them or allow the emotion buried to be released.  Usually, when out of balance, a chakra is either undercharged and needs charging or it is overcharged and needs energy to be disbursed.  These energetic imbalances come from beliefs, emotions, or thoughts, originating both in childhood and from present circumstances.  When an emotion or experience feels too scary or like too much to handle, we create energetic walls or blocks to separate the emotion from our consciousness.  What I do is physically open the channel again, letting the separated part be seen, heard, and given safety and care so that it can heal and start thriving again.  What you’ll feel is a feeling of grounding, connectedness, sweetness, love and safety as energy flows more freely through your being.  I connect you to safety in the earth and physical plane as well as to the support of spirit/source.  Afterward, people say that they feel “like themselves” or “like a new person.”  During this process I will be interacting with you to teach you how to open the channels as well as how to identify what is happening in your system so that you can update its consciousness.

Energy Healing Classes: Learn how to track energy in your mind, energy and body systems. We’ll do some basic energy games, teaching you how to develop subtle awareness, set energetic boundaries, sense blockages in chakras and open them, and how to transform lower-vibrational consciousness to higher frequencies with tenderness and care.  You’ll learn how to manifest and empower through intention, read people’s energy when it’s incongruent with their words and how to connect to and feel your divine nature and essence.  How fun is that?!  Everyone has psychic and intuitive abilities, they just need to be developed.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage is a detoxifying, choreographed massage with warm, herbal oil designed to remove toxins from the tissues and lymph  light, lymphatic touch and friction.  It’s best when you are cleansing, especially in combination with an exfoliating Garshana scrub.  People came from all over the world to receive ayurvedic treatments like this when I was working for Dr. John Douillard. Please note that this treatment is performed topless in order to work with the lymph and that your hair and skin will be thoroughly oiled during the session.