Sacred Flame/ Shaman’s Garden

The heart is an infinitely powerful alchemist. There is nothing that cannot be transformed in its flame. In this love, demons melt into angels. Whatever pain you hold, take it to the fire, on the altar of your heart. Keep a flame alive to illuminate it, to dance it, to breathe life into it, to hold it, welcome it, to See it, to midwife it back to its original home of love, where all things are born. We are this fire. We are this light.
No matter what chaos or lostness you find in this Garden, put on shamanic eyes so you can See. Everything is here- for you, for us. Beyond right and wrong, good or bad is the middle world between what seems to be, where the Is-ness lives.
Here, you can see with Spirit Eyes.
Here, the dance of nature can be truly seen, with the eyes of the heart, and be loved, awesome, embraced, understood.
Be the gardener who reaps into its Being the fruits of its textures, colors, patterns and form. Who breathes with it.
Be the gardener who courageously touches the dynamic and formless nature of the Is-ness, in order to create within it.
The one who unconditionally loves the Garden will find gifts in all that Is and will find magic where there once appeared to be none.
This is alchemy.
This is living intimately, honestly, with the Garden that is your lifeline, your child, your lover, your most intimate friend. The giver of life-source. We cannot turn away from it.
It’s you.

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Written by Rebecca Mara
Rebecca Mara is an intuitive coach, energy healer, and somato-emotional bodyworker.