Somadi Sessions

  • Women’s Somato-Emotional Release & Liberations Sessions: 90 min for $180  (These include reiki & energy healing, somato-emotional release massage & intuitive coaching.)


  • Somatic Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Mentorship $100 for 60 min


  • Women’s Ayurvedic Detoxifying Abhyanga Massage  60 min $140



usually recommend Somadi’s Somato-Emotional Sessions because they include everything & are more thorough:

My unique skill is the ability to “read” & explain to you what I “hear” about your unconscious mind-body patterns which creates a lot of insight for your healing.  In order to help you release and repattern whatever is uncomfortable for you, I use a blend of energy healing, channelling information you need to hear (I guide you through somatic visualizations to liberate stuck parts so that you can integrate what is learned when you go home) and deep tissue massage to confront and repattern tension on all dimensions. In order to heal all parts of us that show up as nervous system tension, mental and emotional tension and physical tension, we need to feel seen enough, safe enough and loved enough. That’s the bottom line for all healing, and when the body can finally understand what these things feel like, tension and core wounds heal.  While I do energy work and release  on the parts that need to be met and liberated, I will guide you through somatic visualizations designed just for you based on what I am seeing & hearing.  Every session is personally designed for you and will change from session to session depending on what you are needing. My intension is to stretch your heart, mind & body’s capacityto receive & generate goodness. This is liberation.  We concrete the sessions together, so what you feel you need intuitively is very important. Healing is a very sacred practice. 

I start every session with a full system scan, to see what stands out the most in the chakra energies and overall nervous system patterns. Sessions are designed to teach your body how to open and feel a greater sense of connectedness, safety, warmth, and peace than you may be used to. My intention is to increase your capacity to generate pleasant feelings by healing parts that are stuck or tense. We will likely be discussing and unpacking the layers of deeper mental or emotional patterns and how they manifest as tension in the physical body. As those layers are unravelled in a space of healing, we will work together to bring healing and growth to the parts that are ready to grow. You’ll be leaving with meditations and homework that will help support you in rewiring your body/mind in anchoring the new patterns. The goal of all sessions is to have you feeling more empowered, free, peaceful and “like yourself.”  When booking a session, think about what you really need on all levels.

Somato-Emotional Release & Liberation sessions include a combo of:

  • Reiki, energy healing & intuitive reading
  • Deep tissue massage while noticing what core beliefs might be creating the physical tension.
  • Teaching your mind-body system how to open and release bracing along with some guided meditations to dismantle your defense systems so that you can feel like yourself more.
  • Guided somatic meditations and visualizations specifically tailored to you and your system’s needs.
  • Chakra scanning/ balancing.  With this, I am looking for what your nervous system patterns are and which chakras they are stored in so that we can identify the core issue and bring it back to a state of empowerment and health.
  • Intuitive coaching to talk through a core issue.  Sometimes just being heard or having your story reflected back to you can be incredibly healing.  Reiki & deep presencing with parts of your mind/body (light touch) so that they can unravel in whatever ways they naturally would when given safety, presence, care and a sense of “being seen.”
  • Discovering what is held in your body and where.  Our body IS our unconscious.  We can spend the entire session listening to what is in the body where. It’s incredible!
  • Discovering and recovering the unexplored potential your system has for greater love, safety, freedom, trust, peace, truth etc.
  • Addressing core issues that you want to liberate and using the body to create a new pattern that’s free of defenses and revealing what new patterns you are capable of embodying.
  • Learning to use your breath to open new channels in your body. Breath is necessary to move energy, and the more breath moves into the tissues, the more space you have to open and be more “you.”

We will be working to clear emotional and energetic blockages in the body, leading to a sense of embodiment, empowerment and wholeness.  What I’ve found from working with so many people is that the body stores emotions and belief systems that, when out of alignment with our true nature, cut off the flow of energy and create either physical or emotional tension and pain.  Instinctive bracing, emotions and beliefs tend to be stored in specific parts of the body.  Somato-Emotional Release Massage allows us to breathe into and release the parts of ourselves that we’ve rejected, denied or disowned.   At the same time, we are working together to embody more of our true nature through a deep sense of connection, self-love and feelings of empowerment, safety and security.  The pressure applied is slow and deliberate so that you can breathe into and release the places in your body have been holding onto control, fear or tension.  The goal is to get energy to flow into those areas that have been guarded or restricting again so that you can feel aliveness and wholeness instead of blocking out sensation.

In a nutshell, energy work, to me, means that we are placing attention, loving presence and a specific feeling such as safety, freedom, peace etc. directed at a specific part of the mind-body system that really could use some nourishment.  When we hold loving presence for these parts, energy starts to flow, and the parts that were stuck suddenly have enough energy to start finding a new and healthier pathway.

While working with you to release deep layers of internal tension, you will learn empowering tools to integrate into your daily practice in order to “crowd out” the negative patterning with resource.  This enables you to transform your baseline, daily experience of yourself and the world around you into a richer, more connected experience of yourself and the world- one that you previously may not have realized was possible. I find that change in the body, nervous system, energy body and psyche is much more deeply integrated we are willing to look at the parts that are painful, challenging, shamed, or rejected as well as your hidden gifts, strengths, and the inherent perfection and sacredness of what is here in the moment.  In working with me, your experience can range from very subtle to very profound, depending on how deep you’d like to go.  Anything is possible, but most people who receive energy work in their session report feeling much more connected to themselves, or “like a new person,” which, to me, means: you feel like your true self again.  The space unencumbered by ego, limiting beliefs, negative thought forms and tension, is like waters that were once rippled or turbulent and became clear and still: the reflection of the true Self can be revealed, the essence emerges, creation flows freely and there is a feeling of wholeness, connection and ground.

Most daily problems stem, ultimately, from a belief we learned as children: that life is not safe, that we aren’t enough, or that there is no love in the places we need it.  It is my belief that these “wounds” are here by design solely for the purpose of healing and discovering the truth of who we really are- infinitely precious and able to manifest almost any of our dreams.  From a place of empowerment, I guide you into melting the negative belief and sensation in the body with the positive alternative, until real transformation occurs and you can see and feel your magnificence in a place where you used to see very little.  Because the brain takes time and practice to rewire, I teach you specific techniques for you to use at home to cultivate this new state all day long.  It is important that as we dive into the shadow, that we also begin to realize and identify with the undiscovered lightness and radiance in us as well.

I use mindfulness-based coaching, intuitive energy healing and empowerment techniques to assist you in turning whatever challenge you’re currently experiencing into the gift of greater love, clarity and empowerment.  I use my intuitive abilities to tune in to what emotions and beliefs are alive in the body and energy field beyond your current awareness and then to bring in what new experience your spirit is craving.  Most of my clients walk in feeling anxious or are struggling with something difficult and leave feeling cared for, empowered, clear, connected, whole and excited to integrate more of their experience.


In chakra work, I scan the chakras to see which chakras are blocked and I open them or allow the emotion buried to be released.  Usually, when out of balance, a chakra is either undercharged and needs charging or it is overcharged and needs energy to be disbursed.  These energetic imbalances come from beliefs, emotions, or thoughts, originating both in childhood and from present circumstances.  When an emotion or experience feels too scary or like too much to handle, we create energetic walls or blocks to separate the emotion from our consciousness.  What I do is physically open the channel again, letting the separated part be seen, heard, and given safety and care so that it can heal and start thriving again.  What you’ll feel is a feeling of grounding, connectedness, sweetness, love and safety as energy flows more freely through your being.  I connect you to safety in the earth and physical plane as well as to the support of spirit/source.  Afterward, people say that they feel “like themselves.”

Intuitive Coaching & Energy Work

In these sessions, I use my hands to read your body and what is happening in your energy field.  These sessions are purely energetic repatterining sessions & don’t include any bodywork. We will be working with a particular pattern that has been showing up, possibly unnoticed, since childhood, and transforming the struggle into a loving and vulnerable power.   You will learn how to develop the deep listening and presence needed to hear what the pattern has been placed in your life to teach you.  You’ll then how to respond to and experience the former challenge in a completely new, empowered and loving way.  In order to integrate your coaching sessions most deeply, you will be given daily practices to rewire your brain and nervous system.  It’s amazing how simple something that once seemed so difficult can become when we are given the tools, support and caring space that help us grow and heal gracefully!

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage is a detoxifying, choreographed massage with warm, herbal oil designed to remove toxins from the tissues and lymph  light, lymphatic touch and friction.  It’s best when you are cleansing, especially in combination with an exfoliating Garshana scrub.  People came from all over the world to receive ayurvedic treatments like this when I was working for Dr. John Douillard.  This is the only treatment I need to know about in advance, as I set up the room very differently.